Coastal Skipper / Yacht-Master Theory

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Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Theory

Pre Course Experience:

Navigation skills to Day Skipper standard


An advanced course in Meteorology and Navigation for candidates for the Yachtmaster Certificates of Competence.


Position fixing, the magnetic compass, Tidal Heights and Streams, Buoyage, Lights, Pilotage, GPS and Chart Plotters, Depth Guage, Logs, Log Books, Meteorology, IRPCS, Safety, Nav. In Fog, Passage Planning, Marine Environment.


6-Day Classroom Based.  Either six straight days or Three Weekends       Price  £420 per person

12-Week Evening Class.  19.00 - 22.00 each Monday Evening.  Winter Terms Only.  Price  £300 per person  


Parkstone Yacht Club,  Poole Yacht Club or Marine Skills Centre.