RYA Introduction to Boat Handling for Sail and Power

RYA Introduction to Boat Handling for Sail and Power

Book Cover: RYA Introduction to Boat Handling for Sail and Power

Are you tense and nervous when handling your boat in close quarters? Are you concerned about embarrassing yourself in front of your fellow sailors? This truly excellent book will restore your confidence by explaining how the natural forces – notably the stream, wind, and the boat's momentum – can trap you into getting things very wrong. Don't worry. It's not bad news. Rob then goes on to describe how, by using those same forces to your advantage, you can get it right every time.

The book starts with the basic principles but then moves on to describe how every situation should be appraised and analysed. Next, Rob takes you step-by-step through the various manoeuvres you should adopt to ensure a safe and decorous outcome.

Buy this book and deny your fellow sailors any entertainment at your expense!

Reviews:Practical Boat Owner wrote:

"...The chapters on take-offs and landings are what makes this book essential reading..."
Practical Boat Owner -2008

Multihull wrote:

"...This book is very well illustrated and provides plenty of valuable information to give confidence in boat handling afloat... "
Multihull Review, 2008

Yachting Monthly wrote:

"...an authoritative book, full of useful tips for novices and experienced sailors alike..." Yachting Monthly-2008

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