RYA ICC Handbook (G81)

RYA ICC Handbook (G81)

Book Cover: RYA ICC Handbook (G81)

It is a requirement in most European countries that boaters hold the International Certificate of Competence, (or the ICC as it is more commonly known), when using both the coastal and inland waterways. It is essentially the nearest we have to an international driving licence for boaters.

This updated edition of the RYA ICC Handbook is written as the official RYA course book to help both sail and power boaters pass the ICC test.

It explains the ICC in great detail– what it is, why it came about, who it applies to, and the requirements for all boaters to obtain one. The International Regulations to Prevent Collisions at Sea are briefly touched on, and the content of the ICC test is explained in depth.

Expertly written by Rob Gibson, author of the popular RYA Boat Handling for Sail & Power.

Reviews:James Stevens wrote:

"...If you are considering a trip to mainland Europe this book is a must..."
-James Stevens FRIN (RYA Training Manager and Chief Examiner)

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