Yacht Racing 2018

All of us at Poole Sailing have a keen interest in Yacht Racing! Our Principal, Rob Gibson, has written the RYA’s new handbook ‘Racing for Yachts and Keel Boats.’ So there is no better place to go for race training!
Yacht racing is a ‘Team Sport’, in fact it is probably the best team sport in the world! For that reason we concentrate our Race Training and Coaching on teams, rather than individuals but in packages to suit your needs and aspirations! For instance:

New Teams - With a Yacht

Race Crew with poole Sailing

For newly formed teams or existing crews keen to give racing a try, we can provide an experienced Race Coach to advise on Tactics, Boat Handling, Crew Organisation and Sail Handling Techniques, on your boat. They can even stay with you to guide you through your first event.
Price for this expert service is £200/day plus travelling expenses for events away from Poole.

New Teams - Without a Yacht

For teams who have not decided which boat to purchase or who intend chartering, we can provide the same service on one of our Cruiser Racing Yachts! Best yacht is dependant on crew size. Ruthless or Energy, for a team with a minimum of six, and a maximum of eight sailors, or Addiction, for teams with a minimum of eight and a maximum of ten. Price is the same, £95/person/day.

Existing and Developing Teams

For experienced teams who want to improve performance or take a critical look at their teamwork and sail trim, we can provide an Experienced Race Coach plus trail boat, driver and video equipment, to give active advice on the water, both on and off the boat. They will also provide detailed briefings and de-briefings supported by video evidence.
Price from £750/day using your yacht, or from £1150/day using ours

Offshore Yacht racing with Poole Sailing is about being competitive and having FUN as well as improving your skills.  You will be racing on well-prepared racing yachts, in a very sociable fleet, with some great racing skippers who also happen to be great instructors. That makes our events the perfect introduction to yacht racing for beginners and expert sailors alike!  For some light reading before you race look out for Rob’s latest book, ‘Start Yacht Racing’ published by the RYA.

Offshore Yacht Racing with Poole Sailing and Poole Yacht Racing Association 2018 .

Join Rob, Peter and Tim for some great racing on super yachts to some great destinations. Then there are the great parties!

  • 5th to 7th May
    Poole to Alderney, Alderney to Poole Races. Two great races and a great destination. There will be plenty of time to explore the island of Alderney and to enjoy the Rendezvous at the Alderney Sailing Club. £330 per person.
  • 9th and 10th June
    Poole to Yarmouth and Yarmouth to Poole Races. Two tricky coastal races to our favourite Isle of Wight Harbour. There is bound to be a big turn out for the races and a great rendezvous at the Yarmouth Sailing Club. £220 per person.
  • Ruthless
  • 23rd and 24th June
    Poole to Cherbourg and Cherbourg to Poole Races. An opportunity to do two Channel crossings and enjoy the delights of the biggest port in Normandy, all in a weekend. £220 per person.
  • 21st to 22nd July
    Poole to Hamble and Hamble to Poole Races. Two great races with serious tide gates and a destination in Britain’s race yacht centre. £220 per person.
  • 10th trough 12th August
    Poole to St. Vaast and St. Vaast to Poole Races. Two Cross Channel races around the notorious Pointe Barfleur, to the prettiest harbour on the French coast. Enjoy a lay day at the famous market and a great rendezvous at La Marina. £330 per person.
  • 25th through 27th August
    Poole to Southampton, Southampton to Lymington and Lymington to Poole Races. Three super coastal races with two super rendezvous. And all over a Bank Holiday weekend. £330 per person.
  • 8th and 9th September
    Poole to Weymouth and Weymouth to Poole Races. Two fabulous races along the World Heritage, Jurassic Coast, to our favourite destination. £220 per person.
  • 22nd and 23rd September
    Poole to Folly Inn and Folly Inn to Poole Races. The final race of the PYRA season and our favourite destination. Two great races with dancing guaranteed, no matter how bad the band is. We hope that you can join us. £220 per person.
If you are interested in yacht racing call 07966 155 716
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